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free consultation

Have questions? Want to learn more about my services & pricing? Schedule a FREE 15- minute consultation where you can ask questions, tell me your health goals, and get more information.

3 or 6 month package

I work with clients world wide via the phone (or Skype/FaceTime).

I offer packages of 3 or 6 months with the option to add on month by month.

  • Pre-Consultation paperwork: I will send you an email with several documents to complete including: A disclaimer, the Initial Interview Questionnaire, a 3-Day Food & Mood Journal, and a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).

  • Initial Consultation: During your initial 50-minute consultation, I listen to your goals, discuss your health history, analyze any recent nutrition-related labs, review your 3-day food journal, and NAQ. We'll discuss nutrition and lifestyle factors like sleep, stress, and movement. 

  • Custom Diet & Lifestyle Plan: At the end of the call, I will have recommendations for you which includes an individualized diet and lifestyle plan.

  • Supplements: I will also send you a list of recommended supplements and will order them for you through Biotics Research or Apex Energetics. These are high-quality, practitioner-line supplements meaning only practitioners can order them. As a practitioner, I can order these for you and also offer discounts.

  • Follow-up appointments: These calls (or email or text check-ins) are 15-20 minutes long and are bi-weekly. They will be an opportunity to check in with me to see how you’re doing, modify any recommendations, add on new recommendations, and to answer any questions.

  • Email correspondence: Throughout the 3 months of working with me, you will have access to unlimited email correspondence with me where you can ask me any questions or for any recommendations. I check my email 2 times per day (morning and late afternoon).

functional evaluation & supplement testing

This testing is done in person. (Central & South Florida only)

  • As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I have many tools to assess overall balance and nutritional status within the body. One of these tools is the Functional Evaluation.

  • The Functional Evaluation involves a series of palpations and other clinical assessment tests (such as pulse, blood pressure, pH of saliva, pupillary contraction, etc) that help NTPs identify specific areas of functional deficiencies. The tests were selected by the founders of the Nutritional Therapy Association following the research of a variety of functional medicine practitioners including Dr. Frank Chapman, Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Robert Ridler, and Dr. Terrance Bennett, to name just a few. The FE is not invasive or painful, however I do look for a tenderness rating for each reflex and palpation point. The Functional Evaluation is a tool used for assessment to gather information from the body. It allows the practitioner to use the innate wisdom of the body to show where it is experiencing distress/imbalance.

  • The second part of the testing is Supplement Testing (ST) which we use to learn what the body needs to be in balance. This type of testing allows the client’s body to convey these needs to the practitioner. The ST process allows me to determine if a particular supplement/nutrient/food is beneficial and needed by the client. After using the series of simple physical indicators in the Functional Evaluation, I can perform a test on certain reflex points/indicators via Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT) or other forms of testing such as applied kinesiology, muscle testing or energetic testing. I have the client place the supplement/nutrient/food in their mouth or place it on the body and retest the FE points to see if they change. If the supplement/nutrient is beneficial, the point in question immediately changes in sensation and decreases (often completely).

  • The Supplement Testing goes hand-in-hand with the Functional Evaluation.  It is a special feedback mechanism based on the neurological response of how the taste buds or energetic body communicates with the brain and through the central nervous system.

  • Bio Individual Supplement Protocol: This process allows me to establish a supplement and nutrient protocol that is EXACTLY what your body wants by taking out the guess work. This process takes anywhere from 1-2 hours. The cost of the supplements is not included.